Festive Season Thoughts

Hi everyone, 

This is my 'debut' Blog Post and I can't quite believe I'm using those words. I've committed myself over the last few weeks to really understanding the background workings of our website and using the Blog Post section is part of that. So - here we go!

I won't keep you reading for too long, as I know at this time of year there is more than enough eye catching detail coming at us. I know so many of us have become far more conscious of supporting our local small businesses and oh, how important that is. At this time of year, that is more important than ever as the income our small businesses generate in Ireland in these weeks can be the difference between staying afloat for the next year and going under entirely.

It is so easy to succumb to the allure that fast fashion brands and big businesses throw our way (I fall to my knees on this one quite often myself!). The deals, the bargains, the free shipping - the 'this, that and the other thing' we are bombarded with on the regular. We're all watching our pockets and I can relate to that better than anyone at this stage of my life. My suggestion to myself and perhaps to anyone who might care to listen would be: for every one purchase I make to a big business this Festive Season, I will make one purchase from a small Irish business.

I don't know how much of a difference this will make, but at least it's something! It's also a constant reminder to myself to 'Think Local, Shop Local, Buy Local.'

Thank you for reading,

Patricia B